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Humanitarian Assistance

Relevant News for Humanitarian & Development Studies

United Nations website providing information to humanitarian relief organisations.

Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)
The IRIN is a humanitarian news and analysis service providing news from around the world.

Thomson Reuters Foundation
Thomson Reuters Foundation provides in-depth coverage of the world's under-reported stories.

Perspective: Humanitarian & International Affairs Magazine
A foreign affairs magazine, focusing on humanitarian assistance and international politics.

The Networker
The Networker contains key issues and emerging topics facing the UK international development sector.

Newspapers and Television

NewsBank newspapers
Provides access to over 100 international and Australian newspapers. Less comprehensive than Factiva, but easier to search.
Licensing and Resource Information
Provides access to more than 8,000 Australian and international newspapers, news sources and newspaper pictures/photos.
Licensing and Resource Information.

Informit TVNews
Updated daily, TVNews indexes and links to Australian news, current affairs and selected documentaries (synopsis included). Note: Close all previous Informit sessions and use Internet Explorer to access this database.
Licensing and Resource Information

Newspaper Source Plus
Cover-to-cover full text for 28 U.S. and international newspapers. Also contains full text television & radio news transcripts, and selected full text for more than 260 U.S. newspapers. Updated daily via EBSCOhost.
Licensing and Resource Information
Press Reader
Press Reader (previously known as Library Press Display) provides access to over 1700 current newspapers and magazines from more than 92 countries and in 48 languages. Just like reading the print edition, viewers can browse articles and other key content. NOTE: The Age is not available on this service.
Licensing and Resource Information

Social Networks

AidSource is an independent network for those in, or associated with global humanitarian community.

WhyDev provides a collaborative platform for individuals to discuss development, aid, and other global issues.

Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like
This is a forum to discuss the humanitarian aid industry.