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Health Postgraduate Introductory Library Modules: Moving Forward....

Moving Forward......

Completion of the Health Postgraduate Introductory Searching Modules

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Well done on completing these modules. As you continue to use the Library subject databases and tools your searching skills will continue to improve and develop.

If you find that you need a refresher on the strategies we have covered here then follow the links back into to the section you want to go over.

For more advanced, systematic searching and expanding the search to other online resources go to the Health Postgraduate Advanced Library Modules.

Remember you can always go back over the information in this module or move to another module whenever you like.          

         Module 1 Finding a known itemModule 2 Basic topic searching Module 3 Advanced topic searching

      Still have questions? Email the Health Liaison Librarians at

Need more help?

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Want to go back to the beginning? Go to the How to use page.

Still have questions? Email the Health Liaison Librarians at






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