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Health Postgraduate Advanced Library Modules : Introduction

How to use these modules

After completing the modules you will be able to:

Develop a complex, multi-line systematic topic search.

  • Use Boolean operators correctly
  • Make use of subject headings
  • Make use of Search History
  • Create a search strategy that has a balance of specificity and sensitivity


Save searches and set up search alerts.

Document a search strategy.



Critically appraise and select appropriate information fit for purpose.



Manage references using EndNote.


Knowing where to look and how to search in a digital environment will make your Deakin research experience easier. You don’t need to do the whole series of modules – you can start at any section, skip content, or redo sections or modules.

These are the Advanced Searching Modules.

Have you already completed the Health Postgraduate Introductory Modules?

If you want to go back and cover these first, just click here.


Before you start, here are a few pointers


To return to the start of a whole module, select the module button at the top of the page.

It is helpful to think of the search process as indicated by the sections below:

Prepare Run Review Revise Evaluate Access Appraise

These sections will be highlighted as you work through the modules. You can go directly to each section from the front page of each module.





Let's meet Mei

She has already started a postgraduate health course and is now doing a project. She is going to work her way through the modules with you.