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Legal Referencing

AGLC4  Part III Secondary Sources - 7.15 Internet Materials

Rule 7.15  Internet Materials


  'What is a Code of Conduct?', Codes of Conduct (Web Page)




#Author Document Title Web Page Title Document Type URL Full stop


7.15 5.2 6.2 7.15 4.4-4.5 1.1.4

Melbourne University Law Review Association, Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Melbourne University Law Review Association, 4th ed, 2018) 130.

Example: Judicial College of Victoria, '4.2 General Case Management', Civil Procedure Bench Book, (Bench Book, 27 April 2016) <>.

General Notes:

#Author should only be included if indicated on the web page being cited.

*Web pages do not usually include pinpoints.

Articles in journals only published online should follow rule 5.10.

Articles published in electronic newspapers should follow rule 7.11.2.