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Streamed Video Databases

You can link to these individual videos and create clips to include in your own assessments while you are a Deakin student. Don't forget to add in the citation information, just like any other resource.

Places to find reusable videos, images, music and sound effects.

Reusing videos, images or audio is an alternative to making everything yourself from scratch.  It's possible to create an entire video from 'found footage,' overlayed with audio. You still need to check the license information on each site to make sure you are using it legally and providing attribution where it's needed.

If in doubt, check here or ask the Library for advice.



The Open Video Project is a shared digital video collection

YouTube and Vimeo allow users to download and re-use material that has been licenced under Creative Commons.

Pexels Video has copyright free videos you can use, no attribution needed


Music and Sound Effects