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Where do I begin my search?

A good first step is to visit the Deakin Library home page and use the Library Search box. This search covers almost all of our entire collection, including book, ebooks, journal articles and streaming videos.

You other option are the Education databases listed in this guide.


How do I search?

Searching in library databases is different to searching in Google. To search effectively in library databases, you need to apply special search techniques. The table below demonstrates five of the most useful search techniques. Once you've mastered these techniques, you can apply them to most library databases. 

Operator Symbol What it does Example
AND AND Combines two or more different keywords or concepts. technology AND curriculum AND Australia
OR OR Includes alternative words or synonyms in your search.  "vocational education" OR TAFE
NOT NOT Excludes any resources that include this word. Should be used with caution because it can exclude relevant resources. "Second language acquisition" NOT adults
Truncation * Finds all of the possible logical extensions of that word or word stem. Child* would find child, children and children's. 
Phrase searching " Finds an exact phrase. "mental health"

Video: Information Searching Techniques

Watch the short video below to find out more about search techniques and how to apply them effectively.