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NVivo for Literature Reviews

Using NVivo Qualitative Research Software for Literature Reviews and Analytical Writing

Save a Copy of Your NVivo Project

Your NVivo project will quickly come to represent many hours of valuable and potentially irretrievable work. We cannot recommend strongly enough the need to back-up!

An excellent option is to store copies of your project file on cloud-based storage services. A range of cloud-based storage options available through Deakin are explained here.

Note that problems can arise if you try to work directly from an NVivo project file that is stored on the cloud. A safer option is to work directly from a local copy of your NVivo project file and generate back-up copies at regular intervals.

To create a back-up, select the File tab and choose Copy Project.



Compatibility issues between the Mac and Windows versions of NVivo are discussed earlier in this guide. Note that you can use the Copy Project command within NVivo (Windows) to export a Mac version of your project.