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Your publishing plan

Evaluate quality


Is this journal peer-reviewed?  Where is it indexed? What are the credentials of the editorial boards?

Where is this journal ranked in its research field(s)?


Video: Think. Check. Submit.

Think. Check. Submit. from Think. Check. Submit. on Vimeo.

Think. Check. Submit. is an easy to use checklist which researchers can follow to help them identify trustworthy journals to publish their work in. 

Go to Think.Check.Submit


Is this conference peer-reviewed? Where are the proceedings indexed? What are the credentials of the organisers/keynote speakers?

Where is the conference ranked in its field(s)?

What are the quality or impact measures of the conference proceedings?

  • You can find such information from databases that index conference proceedings, including:  


Monograph (book) publishers

Evaluating the quality of monographs/monograph publishers can be challenging, as not all books and book chapters are indexed in the major databases. Guidance from your supervisors and colleagues is extremely important.

To evaluate the scholarly quality and impact of a monograph (e.g., a book), you could consider:

Is the book peer-reviewed? What are the credentials of the editors and publishers?

  • You can find such information at:
    • Global Books in Print (free) - global directory of book publishers and titles
    • Book Citation Index (free) - list of publishers indexed within Thomson Reuters most recent citation index
    • The publisher’s website

Is the publisher considered a high impact or quality publisher?  

  • For limited books and chapters, scholarly quality/impact indicator may be available at:
  • The Sense publishers’ ranking list, produced by the Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment, provides some considerations on the quality or impact of book publishers.