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Medical Imaging

Anatomy resources

Visible Body - an anatomy resource which presents the body in 3D graphic form, with easy manipulation of images. Hide structures to see what's beneath, or turn and flip the image. Click on a structure to find out the name and for more information.

Acland’s Anatomy - a streaming video series involving the narrated dissection of the human cadaver. Includes quizzes to test your knowledge.

Anatomedia - a tutorial-style option for exploring the human body via four different perspectives: systems, regions, dissection and imaging. - a 3D graphical anatomy resource, supplemented by diagrams, radiologic images, dissection videos and surface anatomy.

NetAnatomy - a database of images including radiographs and cadaver slides, along with educational text, illustrations and diagrams.


Radiology resources

Radiology Masterclass - Provides an overview of medical imaging, complete with tutorials and access to images. Targeted at both medical students and other health professionals, this is currently a free UK resource. Topics include x-ray physics, anatomy visible in x-rays, and trauma x-rays.

Radiopaedia - An open source website, created by radiology professionals. A good source for reference and of radiology case studies.

Diagnostic Imaging Pathways - Clinical decision-making tool, produced by the Western Australian state government. Includes normal and abnormal images and videos. - a digital library of radiology education resources.  This web resource identifies high quality radiology World-Wide Web sites that can teach, illuminate, and inspire. In essence, is meant to serve as a "pico portal" for users interested in radiology.