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Researching Legislation

Finding Bills using Lawlex

Lawlex allows you to find known Bills or to view Bills from all Australian jurisdictions.

Finding Bills using Search Legislation

If you know the name of the Bill, you can use the Search Legislation box:


  • Don't type in the date.
  • Use the dropdown box to select jurisdiction.

Select Bill from results list:

This takes you to the Core Document Homepage:

On Assent, the information under Document Status will change to "This Bill is now an Act."

The Explanatory Memorandum is under Related Links.

View the Progress of this Bill link provides a table of the passage of the Bill through Parliament, including whether there were any amendments:

Use the 'This Title amends' link to see all legislation affected by the Bill:

Using Bill Search

Quick Search:

The search begins with all jurisdictions selected:

To find current year Bills from one jurisdiction, remove the unwanted categories and then  

This provides a list with all Victorian Bills for the selected year and their status:

To see the progress of the Bill, select 

Using Advanced Bill Search

This search offers many options:

It is useful if you are searching for Bills on a specific topic across more than one jurisdiction.