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Researching Legislation

Commencement of Acts

An Act becomes law once it has received the Royal Assent, however, it may not commence until a later date.  Commencement details are included in the Act itself in the Commencement provision.  Commencements can be quite simple, e.g.:

They can also be quite complex, e.g. Building Amendment (Registration of Building Trades and Other Matters) Act 2018 (Vic):


Lawlex provides commencement information in the  table on legislation Core Document Homepages.

Complex commencement information, such as in the example above, become clearer in tabular form:

Locating Victoria Government Gazettes

Assent notices and proclamation details are published in the Government Gazette.

The Recently Published Gazettes cover publication for the current year.

The Victoria Government Gazette Archive covers the years from 1860 to the present.