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Researching Legislation

Numbered Acts

Once a Bill receives Royal Assent it is allocated a sequential number for that year, as a unique identifier for the Act. 

The Police Integrity Act 2008 (Vic) was the 34th Act passed by the Parliament in 2008 and subsequently is also known as Act No. 34 of 2008

Often the Act will be referred to as this number, particularly when cross referenced within legislation.


Numbered Acts are available online and may also be known as:

  • Numbered Acts
  • Sessional Acts
  • Acts As Made
  • Acts by Year

Reprinted Acts or  Incorporated Acts

A reprinted or incorporated Act is one where the existing amending Acts are inserted into the original Act. The Act is then reproduced with the amendments incorporated into the text of the original Act. Reprinted Acts aim to achieve the same results as consolidating Acts in that they bring together the law on a particular topic.

The government printer has the authority to reprint frequently amended Acts. The reprint will consist of the original act and incorporate all subsequent amendments. An Act may be reprinted many times over a period of years. It is important to note that amendments made prior to the reprint, but which at the date of the reprint are still not in force, will not be included in the reprint.

Victorian reprinted Acts:
Since 1 January 2019, copies of the latest authorised version of Acts and Statutory Rules are available for purchase online via print on demand. Reprints are no longer produced.


Consolidated Acts

A consolidating Act brings together, in one Act, all earlier Acts in force on a particular subject and re-enacts them.

The earlier Acts are superseded by the consolidated Act and are repealed. Rather than creating new law, consolidating Acts are just a restatement of existing law. However, they must still go through the process of being passed by Parliament.

Locating Consolidated Acts

‚ÄčFor the most recent and authorised version of Acts go to the source i.e. the Government homepages: the Federal Register of Legislation for Commonwealth Acts, and the Victorian Legislation website for Victorian Acts.