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Researching Case Law


LawCite is an automatically generated international legal case and journal article citator.

You can use to locate judgments, and to see how these have been subsequently dealt with and commented on, or to see where journal articles have been cited. In many ways, LawCite is similar to the editorially produced commercial legal citators such as the Australian products CaseBase and FirstPoint.

LawCite, like other case citators, is useful when you're researching a particular legal decision or law journal article. Some of the things that LawCite does best:

  • Finding a decision
    Decisions can be identified by citation, party names, jurisdiction, court, year or any combination of these. The system includes a relatively complete set of parallel citations and allows for things like alternative spelling of party names.
  • Finding out how a decision has been subsequently treated
    LawCite includes most modern (and often not so modern) decisions and some journal articles that have considered a case.
  • Locating a copy of a full-text decision
    LawCite will always provide a link to a freely available version of a decision if one is available. If there is not a free version, LawCite will indicate a commercial service that may have a copy.
  • Finding parallel citations
    LawCite attempts to provide every parallel citation for a case that has been subsequently used.
  • Finding journal articles and other related materials
    LawCite will find most Australian and some international freely available journal articles that discuss a case.

Accessing LawCite

LawCite is free to access for private use. It is being developed at AustLII in collaboration with other members of the Free Access to Law Movement.

Searching LawCite

The LawCite Search Form has a number of fields and input controls. An explanation of how to enter your search terms is available on the LawCite website