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Researching Secondary Law Sources


AGIS Plus Text

AGIS title image

Indexed by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, Informit's AGIS Plus Text includes over 40 years of authoritative and peer reviewed legal research from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Searching filtered AGIS Plus Text content

Check that the Applied Filter is set to AGIS Plus Text, and then search In this topic box at the top of the screen.  This will just search for results in the AGIS Plus Text database.







Searching using Informit ADVANCED SEARCH

This way, you can search for AGIS Plus Text content and other indexed content.

Under the Informit top menu, select SEARCH on the Informit home page.

Informit - AGIS Search link







By using Advanced Search, you can search for journal articles using keywords, including an author's name.

You can also specify where in the search results you want the keywords to be located, eg. in the article title, case name or legislation by using the 'Anywhere' drop down box in the ADVANCED SEARCH tab.









To ensure maximum flexibility in your searching, select the Advanced Search option, and use each search box for a separate search term or concept.

See the Search Tips column on the right side of the screen for Boolean Search options. Also note the use of the wildcard * at the end of each term, for words with additional suffixes. For example contract* will also pick up contracts, contracted or contracting.  Accept* will also pick up accepts, accepted or accepting. Offer* will also pick up offers, offered, or offering.

AGIS Advanced Search screen example















AGIS Plus Text results

AGIS Plus Text does not contain every article as full text. Full text articles have a FULL TEXT or PDF/EPUB link at the top or bottom of the record.

If there is no PDF/EPUB link in the record, click on the FIND IT @ DEAKIN link to see possible options for locating the full text.

Here is an example of a result from the search contract* AND accept* AND offer*.

AGIS results screen















AGIS Plus Text full details

Under each record in your results you will see a link to the ABSTRACT. This gives you additional information relating to the article.


In addition to citation details, the data in the DETAILS field may provide you with:

  • References to cases
  • References to legislation
  • An abstract. This is a brief non-evaluative summary of what the article is about. Reading the abstract can help you to decide whether you want to read the article or not.
  • Subject Headings - what the article is about.

AGIS Plus Text Browse Journal Title

You also have an option to Browse directly to Journal Titles. From the Search menu, click on Browse Titles.

OR browse the AGIS Plus Text filtered titles.




AGIS Plus Text Search Help

For more details Search assistance using AGIS Plus Text, go to the Informit Training & Guides section.

Or view the Informit Search Advanced Search Guide (version 2020-01) PDF.