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Researching Secondary Law Sources

The Laws of Australia (Westlaw AU)

The Laws of Australia covers over 320 specific topics across 36 broad subject areas. It states the core principles of the law around a legal topic and acts as a starting point for researching key legislative and case law and is available in print at both the Burwood and Waterfront campus libraries, and online.

Searching The Laws of Australia

Advanced search

From this screen you can search across all topics within the encyclopaedia. If you want to search within a specific area of law, select it:

and enter your terms into the search box.

To view how information is arranged in an area of law click on the + next to the topic title:


You can search within a subsection by selecting it:

This topic arrangement is also known as a 'breadcrumb trail'.

For citing The Laws of Australia, see the Citing Secondary Sources guide.