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Researching Secondary Law Sources



HeinOnline provides comprehensive coverage from the first published issue onwards of more than 2,200 law and law-related periodicals.

Browsing HeinOnline

Most journals are available through the current issue or volume, however some titles have embargoes on the most recent issues. 

The homepage for the Law Journal Library displays an A - Z title index, where the journal title and coverage information can be found.

Use the  icon to the left of each journal title for:

  • publisher information 
  • HeinOnline coverage
  • frequency of publication
  • embargo information
  • whether the journal is refereed

Searching HeinOnline

To search for journal articles, select the Law Journal Library from the Browse Databases by Name list:






The main search bar is stationary throughout HeinOnline. After entering the Law Journal Library, the Full Text search tab option on the search bar will search only within this library.




Use the Advanced Search link beneath the main search bar for more searching options. You can search for a particular author, or in the Title field. You can select a specific subject or limit by date.

Terms & Connectors used in HeinOnline can be found in the Search Help link.

HeinOnline results

When you locate your required article/s, you can print or download by selecting the printer icon at the top of the document page.

AGLC4 citations for HeinOnline

HeinOnline provides AGLC4 compliant citations for journal articles. On the article page, choose the Cite button located above the table of contents. 

HeinOnline cite button












Then,  select the AGLC4 style from the list of options.

HeinOnline cite list

















More information is available at the HeinOnline Blog December 9, 2020


HeinOnline Resource Guides

HeinOnline LibGuides and the database A-Z list are a great way to learn more about database content and interface functionality. There is a useful LibGuide on how to search in the Law Journal Library

Video tutorials

Welcome to HeinOnline's YouTube Channel where you can find how-to videos for the Law Journal Library, general searching and navigating videos, as well as other useful tips and tricks for using the HeinOnline interface.