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Researching Secondary Law Sources


Westlaw AU

Westlaw AU Journals provide you with a complete archive of over 20 key journals, from the very first issue published.

Accessing Westlaw AU Journals

After logging into Westlaw AU, select the Journals collection by clicking on the Journals link.








Searching Westlaw AU Journals

After you have selected journals, you can search across all journals, or select individual titles:









The default search form is the Advanced Search option - this allows you to be more specific and focussed in your searching. For example, you may want your keywords to appear in the title of the article. You can return to the Basic search at any time, by clicking on the Return to basic search link.

Here's an example of how you might enter your terms for a search on the postal acceptance rule in contract law:

Note an exact phrase must be included in "double quotes".

Also note the various options for selecting where your search terms could appear.

Refer to the ‘Basic Search Tips for Major Legal Databases’ document for a summary of the wildcards and connectors used in Westlaw AU.

Westlaw AU Journals results

Your Search results will tell you the number of documents that match your search terms. You may limit your results by entering extra terms in the search box:


or by using the filter options on the left of the screen:


Westlaw AU Journals: individual articles

Your results are presented in Reverse chronological order - so the most recent is first. One quick way of identifying the best articles is to change the sort to Relevance.

There are options to download, print and email your results.

The pdf link will give you the full text of the article, as it appears in the print journal.