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Legal Abbreviations


L & C Law and Critique  
L & CP Law and Contemporary Problems  
L & Phil Law and Philosophy  
L & Soc Rev Law and Society Review  
L Inst J Law Institute Journal Hardcopy
L Soc J Law Society Journal (NSW)  
La LR Louisiana Law Review  
La Raza LJ La Raza Law Journal  
Law & Soc'y Rev Law and Society Review  
Lab Ind Labour and Industry Hardcopy
Lab Law Labor Lawyer  
Lab LJ Labor Law Journal  
Labor LJ Labor Law Journal  
LAI Law and Inequality  
Law & Bus Rev Am Law and Business Review of the Americas  
Law & Hist Rev Law and History Review  
Law & Ineq Law and Inequality  
Law & Literature Law and Literature  
Law and Pol'y Int'l Bus Law and Policy in International Business  
Law & Psychol Rev Law and Psychology Review  
Law & Soc Inquiry Law and Social Inquiry  
Law & Soc’y Rev Law and Society Review  
Law Cont Probl Law and Contemporary Problems  
Law in Cont Law in Context   
Law Inst J Law Institute Journal Hardcopy
Law Lib J Law Library Journal  
Law Libr Lights Law Library Lights  
Law Mag & Rev Quart Rev Juris Law Magazine and Review: A Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence  
Law, Prob & Ris Law, Probability and Risk  
Law Teach Law Teacher  
Lawasia Lawasia  
LC & M Gaz Local Courts and Municipal Gazette   
LCP Law and Contemporary Problems  
LEAD Law Environment and Development Journal  
Leg Eth Legal Ethics  
Leg Th Legal Theory  
Legal Educ Rev Legal Education Review  
Legal Issues of Econ Integration Legal Issues of Economic Integration  
Legal Stud F Legal Studies Forum  
LER Legal Education Review  
Lewis & Clark L Rev Lewis and Clark Law Review  
Lex Sci Lex et Scientia  
LGERA Local Government and Environmental Reports of Australia  
LGLR Local Government Law Journal  
LGRA Local Government Reports of Australia  Hardcopy
Ll LL Rep Lloyd's List Law Reports  Hardcopy
Ll MCLQ Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly Hardcopy
LI Rep Lloyd's Law Reports  
Liberty U L Rev Liberty University Law Review  
LIC Law in Context  
LIJ Law Institute Journal  
LIM Legal information Management  
Lincoln L Rev Lincoln Law Review  
Liverpool LR Liverpool Law Review  
LLJ Law Library Journal  
Lloyd's Rep Lloyd's Law Reports  
LMCLQ Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly Hardcopy
LN Law Notes   
Lou L Rev Louisiana Law Review  
Loy Consumer L Rev Loyola Consumer Law Review  
Loy J Pub Int L Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law  
Loy L & Tech Ann Loyola Law and Technology Annual  
Loy L Rev Loyola Law Review  
Loy LA Int'l & Comp L Rev Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review  
Loy LA L Rev Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review  
Loy Mar L J Loyola Maritime Law Journal  
Loy U Chi Int'l L Rev Loyola University Chicago International Law Review  
Loy U Chi LJ Loyola University Chicago Law Journal  
LPIB Law and Policy in International Business  
LQR Law Quarterly Review  
LR (NSW) New South Wales Law Reports 1880-1900  
LSJ Law Society Journal (NSW)  
LSQ Legislative Studies Quarterly