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Legal Abbreviations


Bar News

Bar News - Journal of the New South Wales Bar Association  


Bulletin of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy (1977-1995)  

Baylor LR

Baylor Law Review  

BC Envtl Aff L Rev

Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review  

BC Ind & Com L

Boston College Industrial and Commercial Law Review (1959-1977)  

BC Int'l & Comp L Rev

Boston College International and Comparative Law Review  

BC Third World LJ

Boston College Third World Law Journal  


Building and Construction Law  

BCL Bull

Butterworths Company Law Bulletin (1986-1989) Hardcopy


Butterworths Company Law Bulletin (1986-1989) Hardcopy


Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin  (1991-1998) Hardcopy


Boston College Third World Law Journal  
Behav Sci Law Behavioral Sciences and the Law  
Beor Queensland Law Reports (1876-1878) Hardcopy
BEQB Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin  
Berkeley J Afr Am L & Pol'y Berkeley Journal of African American Law & Policy  
Berkeley J Crim L Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law  
Berkeley J Emp & Lab L Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law  
Berkeley J Gender L & Just Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice  
Berkeley J Int'l L Berkeley Journal of International Law
Berkeley J Middle E & Islamic L Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law (2008-2010)  
Berkeley La Raza LJ Berkeley La Raza Law Journal  
Berkeley Tech LJ Berkeley Technology Law Journal  
Berkeley Women's LJ Berkeley Women's Law Journal  
BFLR Banking and Finance Law Review  
BIFD Bulletin for International Fiscal Documentation (Amsterdam) (1946-2005 imp.) Hardcopy
BITB Butterworths International Tax Bulletin   
BJ Crim British Journal of Criminology  
BJIL Brooklyn Journal of International Law  
BJIR British Journal of Industrial Relations  
BJLS British Journal of Law and Society (1974-1982)  
BLB Australian Banking & Finance Law Bulletin  
BLI Business Law International  
BLJ The Banking Law Journal  
BLR Business Law Review  
BMA Australian Banker  
Board of Review Decisions Decisions of the Income Tax Board of Review 1925-1951 (1932-1937) Hardcopy
Bond LR Bond Law Review  
Bost CLR Boston College Law Review  
Bost ULR Boston University Law Review  
Br Y Int L British Yearbook of International Law 1920-  
Bracton LJ Bracton Law Journal  
Brief Brief Law Society of Western Australia Brief  
Brit J Criminol British Journal of Criminology  
Brit J Delin British Journal of Delinquency (1950-1960)  
Brit J Ind Rel British Journal of Industrial Relations  
Brit J L & Soc'y British Journal of Law and Society  
Brit J Law & Soc British Journal of Law and Society  
Brit Tax Rev British Tax Review (1975-2005 imp.) Hardcopy
Brit YB Int'l L British Yearbook of International Law  
Bro LR Brooklyn Law Review  
Brook J Corp Fin & Com L Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law  
Brook J Int'l L Brooklyn Journal of  International Law  
Brook L Rev Brooklyn Law Review  
BRW Business Review Weekly  
BT Banking Technology  
BTR British Tax Review  
BU Int'l LJ Boston University International Law Journal  
BU L Rev Boston University Law Review  
BU Pub Int LJ Boston University Public Interest Law Journal  
Buff Crim L Rev Buffalo Criminal Law Review   
Buff Envtl LJ Buffalo Environmental Law Journal  
Buff Hum Rts L Rev Buffalo Human Rights Law Review  
Buff Intell Prop LJ Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal  
Buff J Gender L & Soc Pol'y Buffalo Journal of Gender, Law and Social Policy  
Buff Women's LJ Buffalo Women's Law Journal  
Bus Ins Business Insurance  
Bus LI Business Law International  
Business L Rev Business Law Review  
BWCC Butterworth's Workmen's Compensation Cases 1908-1947 (imp.) Hardcopy
BWLJ Berkeley Women's Law Journal  
BWT Bull Butterworth's Weekly Tax Bulletin  
By LR Baylor Law Review  
BYBIL British Year Book of International Law  
BYU Educ & LJ Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal  
BYU L Rev Brigham Young University Law Review