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Legal Abbreviations


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Q CAR Queensland Criminal Reports   
Q Case Note Queensland Law Reporter Case Note  
Q Law Soc J Queensland Law Society Journal   
QADT Anti-Discrimination Tribunal (Qld) Webpage
QB Law Reports, Queen's Bench Authorised reports
QBD Law Reports, Queen's Bench Division  Authorised reports
QCA Queensland Court of Appeal via AustLII Webpage
QCLR Queensland Criminal Reports   
QCR Queensland Criminal Reports   
Qd L Queensland Lawyer  
Qd R Queensland Reports  Authorised reports
QDC Queensland District Court Decisions via AustLII Webpage
QGIG Queensland Industrial Court via AustLII Webpage
QGG Queensland Government Gazette   
QI Ct Queensland Industrial Court via AustLII Webpage
QIT Law Journal Queensland Institute of Technology Law Journal    
QITLJ Queensland Institute of Technology Law Journal    
QJP Queensland Justice of Peace and Reports   
QJPR Queensland Justice of the Peace and Reports   
QL Queensland Lawyer  
QLAC Land Appeal Court of Queensland via AustLII Webpage
QLC Queensland Land Appeal Court via AustLII Webpage
QLJ Queensland Law Journal Reports   
QLJR Queensland Law Journal Reports   
QLR Queensland Law Reporter   
QLR Queensland Law Reports   
QLSJ Queensland Law Society Journal  
QMJIP Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property.  
QR Queensland Reports  Authorised reports
QSC Supreme Court of Queensland via AustLII Webpage
QSCR Queensland Supreme Court Reports   
QSR State Reports, Queensland   
Quadrant Quadrant  
Queens LJ Queens Law Journal   
Queens LJ Queensland Law Journal Reports   
Quinnipiac Health LJ Quinnipiac Health Law Journal  
Quinnipiac Prob LJ Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal  
QUT Law Journal Queensland University of Technology Law Journal  
QUTLJ Queensland University of Technology Law Journal   
QWN Queensland Weekly Notes  


Rat Jur Ratio Juris  
Ratio Juris Ratio Juris  
RBI Retail Banker International    
RCADI Recueil des Cours de l'Academie de Droit Internationale  
Real Prop Prob & Tr J Real Property, Probate and Trust Journal  
Real Prop Prob & Tr J Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal  
RECIEL Review of European Community and International Environmental Law  
Regent U L Rev Regent University Law Review  
REIB Electronic Payments International  
Reins Reinsurance   
Reporter Reporter - Australian Institute of Criminology Quarterly   
Res Jud Res Judicatae  
Rev Banking & Fin L Review of Banking and Financial Law  
Rev Cent & E Eur L Review of Central and East European Law   
Rev CL Francais Revue de la Common Law en Francais  
Rev Const Stud Review of Constitutional Studies  
Rev Int'l L & Pol Review of International Law and Politics  
Rev JUPR Revista Juridica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico  
Rev Jur UPR Revista Juridica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico  
Rev Litig Review of Litigation  
Rev quebecoise de droit int'l Revue quebecoise de droit international  
Rev Rep Revised Reports   
Revenue LJ Revenue Law Journal (Bond University)  
Rich J Global L & Bus Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business  
Risk Man Risk Management  
RPC Reports of Patent, Design and Trademark Cases  
RR Revised Reports   
RRTD Refugee Review Tribunal Decisions Website


S Afr Hum Rts Y B South African Human Rights Yearbook  
S Afr J Crim Just South African Journal of Criminal Justice   
S Afr J on Hum Rts South African Journal on Human Rights  
S Afr LJ South African Law Journal    
S Afr LR App South African Law Reports, Appellate Division  
S Cal Interdisc LJ Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal  
S Cal L Rev Southern California Law Review  
S Cal Rev L & Soc Just Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice  
S Cal Rev L & Women's Stud Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies  
S Car LR South Carolina Law Review  
S Ct Rev Supreme Court Review (USA)  
S Dak LR South Dakota Law Review  
S III U LJ Southern Illinois University Law Journal  
S New Eng Roundtable Symp LJ Southern New England Roundtable Symposium Law Journal  
S Tex L Rev South Texas Law Review  
SA South African Law Reports  
SADC District Court of South Australia via AustLII Webpage
SAERDC Environment Resources and Development Court of South Australia via AustLII Webpage
SAIRC South Australian Industrial Relations Court via AustLII Webpage
SALR South Australian Law Reports Authorised reports
SASC Supreme Court of South Australia via AustLII Webpage
SASCFC Supreme Court of South Australia - Full Court via AustLII Webpage
SASR South Australian State Reports  Authorised reports
Scribes J Leg Writing Scribes Journal of Legal Writing  
SCULR Southern Cross University Law Review  
Sing LR Singapore Law Review  
SLR Stanford Law Review  
SLR Sydney Law Review  
Sports Law J Sports Lawyers Journal  
SR  NSW State Reports New South Wales  Authorised report
SRSA State Reports South Australia  Authorised reports
SSR Social Security Reporter  
St R Qd State Reports, Queensland Authorised report
Syd Inst Crim Proc Proceedings of the Institute of Criminology