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Legal Abbreviations


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Macquarie J Bus L Macquarie Journal of Business Law  
Macquarie J Int'l & Comp Envtl L Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law  
Macquarie L Symp Macquarie Law Symposium  
Maine LR Maine Law Review  
MALR Media and Arts Law Review  
Manchester J Int'l Econ L Manchester Journal of International Economic Law  
Maori LR Maori Law Review   
Marq Intell Prop L Rev Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review  
Marq LR Marquette Law Review  
Marq Sports L Marquette Sports Law Review  
Marq Sports LJ Marquette Sports Law Journal  
Mary LR Maryland Law Review  
McG LJ McGill Law Journal  
McGeorge L Rev McGeorge Law Review  
McGill Int'l J Sust Dev L & Pol'y McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy  
McGill JL & Health McGill Journal of Law and Health  
Md J Contemp Legal Issues Maryland Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues  
Md L Rev Maryland Law Review  
Med L Rev Medical Law Review  
Med Law Medicine and Law  
Med Leg J Medico-Legal Journal  
Med LJ Medico Legal Journal  
Med Sci & L Medicine Science and the Law  
Medico-Legal Soc NSW Proc Medico-Legal Society of New South Wales, Proceedings of Hardcopy
Medico-Legal Soc Vic Proc Medico-Legal Society of Victoria, Proceedings of Hardcopy
Melb J Int'l L Melbourne Journal of International Law  
Melb Univ L Rev Melbourne University Law Review  
Mer LR Mercer Law Review  
Mich J Gender & L Michigan Journal of Gender and Law  
Mich J Int'l L Michigan Journal International Law  
Mich J Race & L Michigan Journal of Race and Law  
Mich L & Pol'y Rev Michigan Law and Policy Review  
MLR Modern Law Review  
Mon LR Monash University Law Review  
MRTA Migration Review Tribunal of Australia  via AustLII Website
MULR Melbourne University Law Review  
MVR Motor Vehicle Reports  


NADRAC National Alternative Dispute Resolution Council Website
N Car LR North Carolina Law Review  
N Dak LR North Dakota Law Review  
N Eng L Rev New England Law Review  
N III UL Rev Northern Illinois University Law Review  
N Ir Legal Q Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly  
N Ky L Rev Northern Kentucky Law Review  
N Mex LR New Mexico Law Review  
N Tax J National Tax Journal  
Nanotech L & Bus Nanotechnology Law and Business  
Nat Resources & Env't Natural Resources and Environment  
Nat Resources J Natural Resources Journal  
Nat'l Black LJ National Black Law Journal  
Naval L Rev Naval Law Review  
NC Cent LJ North Carolina Central Law Journal  
NC Cent L Rev North Carolina Central Law Review  
NC JL & Tech North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology  
NCCLJ North Carolina Central Law Journal  
NCJ Int’l L & Com Reg North Carolina Journal of International Law & Commercial Regulation  
NCL Rev North Carolina Law Review  
ND L Rev North Dakota Law Review  
NDLR Notre Dame Law Review  
Neb LR Nebraska Law Review  
NELR New England Law Review  
Nev LJ Nevada Law Journal  
NNTT National Native Title Tribunal via AustLII Website
NSWCA New South Wales Court of Appeal  via AustLII Website
NSWLR New South Wales Law Reports Authorised reports
NSWR New South Wales Reports  
NSWSC Supreme Court of New South Wales Via AustLII Website
NTLR Northern Territory Law Reports Authorised reports
NTSC Supreme Court of the Northern Territory via AustLII Website
NZLR New Zealand Law Reports NZ authorised reports



P Ad Public Administration  
P Life Police Life  
PABR Planning Appeals Board Reports (Vic)  Hardcopy
Pac McGeorge Global Bus & Dev LJ Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal  
Pac Rim L & Pol'y J Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal  
Pace Envtl L Rev Pace Environmental Law Review  
Pace Int'l L Rev Pace International Law Review  
Pace L Rev Pace Law Review  
PC App Law Reports, Privy Council Appeals Hardcopy
PCIJ Permanent Court of International Justice Website
PCLJ Public Contract Law Journal  
Peabody L Rev Peabody Law Review  
PEC Planning and Environment Court (Qld) Website
Penn St Int'l L Rev Penn State International Law Review  
Penn St L Rev Penn State Law Review  
Pepp Disp Resol LJ Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal  
Pepp L Rev Pepperdine Law Review  
PL Public Law  
PLI Product Liability International    
PLPR Privacy Law and Policy Reporter  
PLR Public Law Review  
PNLR Professional Negligence and Liability Reports Hardcopy
Pol J Police Journal  
Policing: Int'l J Police Strat & Mgmt Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management  
Portland U L Rev Portland University Law Review  
PPV Planning Panels Victoria (via Austlii) Webpage
PR J Prison Journal  
Priv C App The Law Reports, Privy Council Appeals  
Priv LB Privacy Law Bulletin  
Prob J Probation Journal  
Proc Medico-Legal Soc NSW Proceedings of the Medico-Legal Society of New South Wales  Hardcopy
Proc Medico-Legal Soc Vic Proceedings of the Medico-Legal Society of Victoria  Hardcopy
Procurement Law Procurement Lawyer  
Proctor Proctor - Queensland Law Society Magazine  
Prof L Professional Lawyer  
Psychiatry Psychol & L Psychiatry, Psychology and Law  
Psychol Pub Pol'y & L Psychology, Public Policy, and Law  
Pub Ad Public Administration  
Pub Contract LJ Public Contract Law Journal  
Pub L Public Law Hardcopy
Pub Land & Resources L Rev Public Land and Resources Law Review  
Pub LR Public Law Review  
Pub Space: J L & Soc Just Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice  
Public F Public Finance