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Legal Abbreviations


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I&CTL Information and Communications Technology Law  
IAP International Association of Prosecutors Website
ICCLR International Company and Commercial Law Review  
ICJ International Court of Justice Website
ICLQ International & Comparative Law Quarterly  
Idaho LR Idaho Law Review  
IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law  
IIR International Insolvency Review  
IJCP International Journal of Cultural Property  
IJE & P International Journal of Evidence and Proof  
IJLI International Journal of Legal Information  
IJLP International Journal of Law and Psychiatry  
IJRL International Journal of Refugee Law  
IJSL International Journal for the Semiotics of Law  
IJTLP International Journal of the Legal Profession  
ILB Australian Insurance Law Bulletin  
ILB Indigenous Law Bulletin  
ILB Internet Law Bulletin  
ILJ Indiana Law Journal  
ILJ Industrial Law Journal  
ILJ Insurance Law Journal  
ILM International Legal Materials  
ILN International Law News  
ILR    International Law Reports Hardcopy
Ind J Global Legal Stud Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies  
Int'l Crim Just Rev International Criminal Justice Review  
IPR Intellectual Property Reports  
I Prop J Intellectual Property Journal  

Industrial Reports

IRC of A Industrial Relations Court of Australia  
ILSA J Int’l & Comp L ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law  
ILSA J Int'l L ILSA Journal of International Law  
Ind Health L Rev Indiana Health Law Review  
Ind IB Industrial Information Bulletin  Hardcopy
Ind Int’l & Comp L Rev Indiana International and Comparative Law Review  
Ind J Global Legal Stud Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies  
Ind L Rev Indiana Law Review  
Ind LJ Indiana Law Journal  
Indigenous LJ Indigenous Law Journal  
Indus & Lab Rel Rev Industrial and Labor Relations Review  
Indus LJ Industrial Law Journal  
Indust LJ Industrial Law Journal  
Ins CJ Insurance Counsel Journal   
Ins LJ Insurance Law Journal  
Int TLR International Trade Law and Regulation  
ISLR International Sports Law Review  


J Afr L Journal of African Law  
J Affordable Hous & Cmty Dev L Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law  
J Aust Tax Journal of Australian Taxation  
J Bus & Sec L Journal of Business and Securities Law  
J Bus & Tech L Journal of Business and Technology Law  
JBL Journal of Business Law  
J Civ L Stud Journal of Civil Law Studies  
J Comp Legis & Int'l L Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law  
J Con L Journal of Contract Law  
J Confl Res Journal of Conflict Resolution  
J Conflict & Sec L Journal of Conflict and Security Law  
J Contemp Health L & Pol'y Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy  
J Contemp Legal Issues Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues  
J Corp L Journal of Corporation Law  
J Corp L Stud Journal of Corporate Law Studies  
J Crim Just Edu Journal of Criminal Justice Education  
J Crim L Journal of Criminal Law  
J Crim L & Criminology Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology  
J Crim LC Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology  
J Disp Resol Journal of Dispute Resolution  
J Empirical Legal Stud Journal of Empirical Legal Studies  
J En & Nat Res L Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law  
J Env L Journal of Environmental Law  
J Envtl L & Litig Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation  
J Firearms & Pub. Pol'y Journal on Firearms and Public Policy  
J Food L & Pol'y Journal of Food Law and Policy  
J For Sci Journal of Forensic Sciences  
J Gender Race & Just Journal of Gender, Race and Justice  
J Health Care L and Poly Journal of Health Care Law and Policy  
J Health & Biomedical L Journal of Health and Biomedical Law  
J High Tech L Journal of High Technology Law  
J Homosexuality Journal of Homosexuality  
J Int'l Arb Journal of International Arbitration  
J Int'l Bus & L Journal of International Business and Law  
J Int'l Crim Just Journal of International Criminal Justice  
J Int'l Econ L Journal of International Economic Law  
J Int'l L & Int'l Rel Journal of International Law and International Relations  
J Int'l Media & Ent L Journal of International Media and Entertainment Law  
JIR Journal of Industrial Relations  
J Islamic L & Culture Journal of Islamic Law and Culture  
J Jud Admin Journal of Judicial Administration  
J Korean L Journal of Korean Law  
J L & Com Journal of Law and Commerce  
J L & Econ Journal of Law and Economics  
J L & Educ Journal of Law and Education  
J L & Fam Stud Journal of Law and Family Studies  
J L & Health Journal of Law and Health  
J L & Pol Journal of Law & Politics  
J L & Pol'y Journal of Law and Policy  
J L & Relig

Journal of Law and Religion

J L & Social Challenges Journal of Law and Social Challenges  
J L Econ & Org Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization  
J L Econ & Pol'y Journal of Law, Economics and Policy  
J L Inf & Sci Journal of Law and Information Science  
J L Med & Ethics Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics  
J L Soc'y Journal of Law in Society  
J Land Res & Envtl L Journal of Land, Resources and Environmental Law  
JIANL Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law  
JL & Inf Sc Journal of Law and Information Science  
JL & M Journal of Law and Medicine  
JLM Journal of Law and Medicine