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Legal Abbreviations


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E & L Education and the Law  
E & P International Journal of Evidence and Proof  
E LAW E LAW - Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law   
EBOR European Business Organisation Law Review  
EC TR EC Tax Review  
Ecc LJ Ecclesiastical Law Journal  
ECJ Environmental Claims Journal  
Ecol LQ Ecology Law Quarterly  
Ed Law Education Law Journal  
Edin LR Edinburgh Law Review  
EELR European Environmental Law Review  
EG Estates Gazette  
EL Environmental Law  
Elder LJ Elder Law Journal  
ELJ European Law Journal  
ELQ Ecology Law Quarterly  
EMLR Entertainment and Media Law Reports Hardcopy
Emory Int'l L Rev Emory International Law Review  
Emory LJ Emory Law Journal  
Ent LR Entertainment Law Review  
Env L Rev Environmental Law Review  
EPLJ Environmental and Planning Law Journal  
Eq Cas The Law Reports, Equity Cases  
ER English Reports 1220 - 1873  
Eur Bus L Rev European Business Law Review  
Eur J Health L European Journal of Health Law  
Eur J Int'l L European Journal of International Law  
EWCA England and Wales Court of Appeal Website
EWCA Civ England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Website
EWCA Crim England and Wales Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) Website


F L Rev Federal Law Review  
Fam Law Reports, Family Division Hardcopy
Fam Advoc Family Advocate  
FAM C of A Family Court of Australia Website
FamCA Family Court of Australia via AustLII Website
FamCAFC Family Court of Australia - Full Court  via AustLII Website
Fam D Law Reports, Family Division Hardcopy
Fam L Family Law  
Fam LN Family Law Notes  
Fam LQ Family Law Quarterly  
Fam LR Family Law Reports  
FCA Federal Court of Australia Website
FCA Federal Court of Australia via AustLii Website
FCAFC Federal Court of Australia - Full Court via Austlii Website

Federal Court Reports

Authorised reports

Federal Law Review

Fem LS

Feminist Legal Studies


Flinders Journal of Law Reform

FL Rev

Federal Law Review

Fla State UL Rev

Florida State University Law Review

Fla Tax Rev

Florida Tax Review

FLC Australian Family Law Cases  
FLR Family Law Reports  

Federal Law Reports


Federal Law Review


Feminist Legal Studies


Federal Magistrates Court of Australia via Austlii


Federal Magistrates Court of Australia - Family Law via Austlii

Ford LR

Fordham Law Review

Ford Urb LJ

Fordham Urban Law Journal

Fordham Envtl LJ

Fordham Environmental Law Journal

Fordham Int'l LJ

Fordham International Law Journal

Fordham Intell Prop Media & Ent LJ

Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal

Fordham J Corp & Fin L

Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law

Franchise L J

Franchise Law Journal


Australian Federal Tax Reporter


Fordham Urban Law Journal





Ga JICL Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law  
Ga LR Georgia Law Review  
Ga St U L Rev Georgia State University Law Review  
GAOR General Assembly Official Records ( United Nations) Website
Gaz New Zealand Gazette Hardcopy
Gaz L & J Gazette of Law and Journalism  
Gazette L & J Gazette of Law and Journalism  
Geo Immigr LJ Georgetown Immigration Law Journal  
Geo Int'l Envtl L Rev Georgetown International Environmental Law Review  
Geo J. Int'l L Georgetown Journal of International Law  
Geo J Gender & L Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law  
Geo J Legal Ethics Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics  
Geo J on Poverty L & Pol'y Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy  
Geo LJ Georgetown Law Journal  
Geo Mason L Rev George Mason Law Review  
Geo Mason U Civ Rts LJ George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal  
Geo Wash Int'l L Rev George Washington International Law Review  
Geo Wash LR George Washington Law Review  
GL & J Gazette of Law and Journalism  
GLR Georgia Law Review  
GLR Griffith Law Review  
Golden Gate U Envtl LJ Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal  
Golden Gate U L Rev Golden Gate University Law Review  
Gon LR Gonzaga Law Review  
Griffith LR Griffith Law Review  
GWLR George Washington Law Review  


Harv  Envtl L Rev Harvard Environmental Law Review  
Harv Hum Rts J Harvard Human Rights Journal  
Harv Int LJ Harvard International Law Journal  
HARV Int'l LJ Harvard International Law Journal  
Harv JL & Gender Harvard Journal of Law and Gender  
Harv JL & Pub Pol'y Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy  
Harv JL & Tech Harvard Journal of Law and Technology  
Harv L & Pol'y Rev Harvard Law and Policy Review  
Harv Latino L Rev Harvard Latino Law Review  
Harv LR Harvard Law Review  
Harv Negotiation L Rev Harvard Negotiation Law Review  
Harv Women's LJ Harvard Women's Law Journal  
Hast  LJ Hastings Law Journal  
Hastings Comm & Ent LJ Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal  
Hastings Const LQ Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly  
Hastings Int'l & Comp L Rev Hastings International and Comparative Law Review  
Hastings Race & Poverty LJ Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal  
Hastings Sci & Tech LJ Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal  
Hastings Women's LJ Hastings Women's Law Journal  
HCA High Court of Australia Website
HCA High Court of Australia (1903 - ) via AustLii Website
HCAASP High  Court of Australia - Appeal Short Particulars via Austlii Website
HCAB High Court of Australia Bulletins (1996 - ) via AustLII Website
HCASum High Court of Australia- Case Summaries(2009 - )  via AustLII Website
HCATrans High Court of Australia Transcripts ( 1983 - ) via AustLII Website
HCFCP Practice and Procedure High Court and Federal Court of Australia  
HCRCL Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review  
Health LJ Health Law Journal  
HHRJ Harvard Human Rights Journal  
HILJ Harvard International Law Journal  
HJLPP Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy  
HKLJ Hong Kong Law Journal  
HL The Law Reports, House of Lords, English and Irish Appeals  
HLA Halsbury's Laws of Australia  
HLB Australian Health Law Bulletin  
HLR Harvard Law Review  
Hof LR Hofstra Law Review  
Hous Bus & Tax LJ Houston Business and Tax Law Journal  
Hous J Health L & Pol'y Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy  
Hous J Int'l L Houston Journal of International Law  
Hous LR Houston Law Review  
How LJ Howard Law Journal  
HREOC Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Website
HRJ Human Rights Journal  
HRLR Human Rights Law Review  
HRQ Human Rights Quarterly  
Hum Rts L Rev Human Rights Law Review  
Hum Rts Q Human Rights Quarterly  
HWLJ Harvard Women's Law Journal