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Legal Abbreviations


A & SL Air and Space Law  
A Bus L Rev Australian Business Law Review  
A Crim R Australian Criminal Reports  
A Fem LJ Australian Feminist Law Journal  
AAL Bull Australian Administrative Law Bulletin Hardcopy
AAR Administrative Appeals Reports  
AATA Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia via AustLII  
ABC Australian Bankruptcy Cases  
ABLJ American Business Law Journal  
ABLR Australian Business Law Review  
ABR Australian Bar Review  
AC Law Reports, Appeal Cases 1891 - ICLR Online Authorised reports
ACC Australian Company Law Cases  
ACL Australian Current Law  
ACL Bull Australian Construction Law Bulletin  
ACLC Australian Company Law Cases  
ACLR Australian Company Law Reports  
ACompT Australian Competition Tribunal Website
ACopyT Australian Copyright Tribunal Website
ACP Australian Corporation Practice  
ACR Australian Criminal Reports  
ACSR Australian Corporations and Securities Reports  
ACTLR Australian Capital Territory Law Reports Authorised Report
ACTR Australian Capital Territory Report  
ACV Australian and New Zealand Conveyancing Report  
Ad LR Administrative Law Review  
Adel L R Adelaide Law Review  
Admin  L Rev Administrative Law Review 1960-  
Admin LR Administrative Law Reports 1983-  
Admin Rev Admin Review (Administrative Review Council)  
Admn Administrative  Appeals Tribunal Decisions via AustLII Website
AELN Australian Environmental Law News  
AER All England Law Reports Hardcopy
AFL Australian Family Lawyer  
AFLJ Australian Feminist Law Journal  
AFTR Australian Federal Tax reporter  
AHLB Australian Health Law Bulletin  
AI & L Artificial Intelligence and Law  
AIALF Australian Institute of Administrative Law Forum  
AIL Australian Industrial Law Review  
AIL Rep Australian Indigenous Law Reporter 1996-2006  
AILR Australian Indigenous Law Reporter 1996-2006  
AIPC Australian Intellectual Property Cases  
AIPJ Australian Intellectual Property Journal  
AIPLB Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin  
Air & Space L Air and Space Law  
AIRC Australian Industrial Relations Commission Website
AITR Australian Income Tax Reports  
AJ Admin L Australian Journal of Administrative Law  
AJC Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
AJCL Australian Journal of Corporate Law
AJCCL Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law
AJEM Australian Journal of Environmental Management
AJFL Australian Journal of Family Law  
AJFS Australian Journal of Forensic Science  
AJHR Australian Journal of Human Rights  
AJICL African Journal of International and Comparative Law  
AJIL American Journal of International Law  
AJLL Australian Journal of Labour Law  
AJLM American Journal of Law and Medicine  
AJLP Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy  
AJLS Australian Journal of Law & Society  
AJNRLP Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy
AJPA Australian Journal of Public Administration  
AJSI Australian Journal of Social Issues  
Akron LR Akron Law Review  
Akron Tax J Akron Tax Journal  
Ala Law Alabama Lawyer  
Ala LR Alabama Law Review  
Alaska L Rev Alaska Law Review  
ALB Aboriginal Law Bulletin  
Alb L Envtl Outlook Albany Law Environmental Outlook  
Alb  LR Albany Law Review  
Alb LJ Sci & Tech Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology  
ALD Administrative Law Decisions Authorised reports
ALER Antitrust Law and Economics Review  
ALJ Australian Law Journal  
ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports 2003 -  
ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports (1958-2004) Hardcopy
ALL Australian Law Librarian  
All ER All England Law Reports  
All ER AR All England Law Reports Annual Review  
All ER Rev All England Law Reports Annual Review  
All ER Rep All England Law Reports Reprint  
ALLR Australian Labour Law Reporter  
ALMD Australian Legal Monthly Digest  

Alberta Law Review


Argus Law Reports 

Australian Argus Law Reports Hardcopy
Australian Law Reports  
ALRC Australian Law Reform Commission Website
ALSAAJ Australasian Law Students' Association Academic Journal
ALT Australian Law Times 1879 - 1927 Hardcopy
Alt LJ Alternative Law Journal
Alta LQ Alberta Law Quarterly  
Alta L Rev Alberta Law Review  
Am Bankr LJ American Bankruptcy Law Journal  
AM Bus LJ American Business Law Journal  
Am Crim L Rev American Criminal Law Review  
Am J Comp L American Journal of Comparative Law  
AMPLA J Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Journal  
Animal L Animal Law  
Ann Rev Banking L Annual Review of Banking Law  
Ann Surv Annual Survey of Australian Law  
Ann Surv Austl L Annual Survey of Australian Law  
Ann Surv Int'l & Comp L Annual Survey of International and Comparative Law
Ann Surv Law Annual Survey of Law  
Antitrust L & Econ Rev Antitrust Law & Economics Review  
ANZ ConvR Australian and New Zealand Conveyancing Report
ANZ IC Australian and New Zealand Insurance Cases  
ANZC Hals Australian and New Zealand Commentary on Halsbury's Laws of England


Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology

ANZJ of Crim

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology


Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
ANZJLE Australian & New Zealand Journal of Law & Education
ANZTP Australian & New Zealand Trade Practices Law Bulletin


Australian Official Journal of Patents, Trademarks and Designs
AOJTM Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks  
APA Australian Planning Appeal Decision  
APJ Australian Police Journal  
APLB Australian Property Law Bulletin  
APLJ Australian Property Law Journal  
APLR Australian Product Reliability Reporter  
App Cas Law Reports, Appeal Cases, House of Lords  
AQ Australian Quarterly  


Industrial Arbitration Reports (NSW)  


Industrial Arbitration Reports (NSW)  
Ar Rep Argus Law Reports (Victoria)  
Arbitration Int Arbitration International  
Arbitrator Arbitrator  
AREL Australian Resources and Energy Law Journal  
ARCR Administrative Review Council Reports  
Arg LR Argus Law Reports  
ARPL Annual Review of Population Law  
ASAL Annual Survey of Australian Law  
ASC Australian Consumer Sales and Credit Law Cases  
ASCL  Annual Survey of Commonwealth Law  
ASEJ Australian Stock Exchange Journal  
ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission Website
ASR Australian Consumer Sales and Credit Law Cases  
ASX Australian Securities Exchange Website
ASX Market Rules Australian Stock Exchange Market Rules  
AT Rev Australian Tax Review  
ATC  Australian Tax Cases  
ATD Australian Tax Decisions  
ATO Australian Tax Office Website


Australian Tax Reports 1990-1992



Australian Tax Review 1971-

ATS Australian Treaty Series  
Aust Bar Rev Australian Bar Review  
Aust Bus L Rev Australian Business Law Review  
Aust Comp Law Cases Australian Company Law Cases  
Aust Contract Reports Australian Company Law  Reports  
Aust DRJ Australian Dispute Resolution Journal  
Aust IJ Australian Insolvency Journal  
Aust Ind LR Australian Industrial Law Reports  
Aust JL & Soc Australian Journal of Law & Society  
Aust LJ Australian Law Journal  
Aust LJ Rep Australian Law Journal Reports  
Aust LT Australian Law Times  
Aust Tax Rev Australian Tax Review  
Aust Torts Reports Australian Torts Reports  
Austl & NZ JL & Educ Australia and New Zealand Journal of Law and Education  
Aust L Leg Hist Australian Journal of Legal History