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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Accessing full text resources

Are your search results providing you with the abstract only and there is no obvious PDF link?
The Findit@Deakin link can help you get the full text version.

The link can also look like this button:  

Findit@Deakin gives you a number of options for getting the full text of the article when you can't access it from your search results. The video below provides more information.


Video:  Using Findit@Deakin  (2:20)

Google Scholar can save you time

Did you know that you can search Google Scholar directly from Library Search? This increases your chances of getting results with access to full text.

It's very easy to do. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Library home page
  2. Enter an article title or keywords in the main search box
  3. Click the Google Scholar button beneath the main search box        
  4. Look for the Find it @ Deakin link to the right of your results.



What if Deakin doesn't have it?

If all else fails and you can't find a resource through Deakin Library collections, the Library can obtain books, journal articles and book chapters on your behalf.

To make a request complete this online form: