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Optometry and Vision Sciences

Anatomy resources

Visible Body - an anatomy resource which presents the body in 3D graphic form, with easy manipulation of images. Hide structures to see what's beneath, or turn and flip the image. Click on a structure to find out the name and for more information. Licensing and resource information

Acland’s Anatomy - a streaming video series involving the narrated dissection of the human cadaver. Includes quizzes to test your knowledge. Licensing and resource information - a 3D graphical anatomy resource, supplemented by diagrams, radiologic images, dissection videos and surface anatomy. Licensing and resource information

Anatomedia - a tutorial-style option for exploring the human body via four different perspectives: systems, regions, dissection and imaging. Licensing and resource information

Amirsys Imaging Reference Center - This is a database of images covering a range of medical topics, including brain, breast, cardiovascular, chest, GI & Urology, gynaecology, obstetrics, ultrasound.
Key facts and terminology are provided alongside the images, as well as differential diagnosis and pathology.  Licensing and resource information

Amirsys Pathology Reference Center. The database contains over 40,000 pathology images, and diagnoses of various conditions have been written by pathologists.  Topics include cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, histology, neuropathology, soft tissue and other pathology topics.  Licensing and resource information