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Your Thesis: literature, ethics, methods and publishing

Find existing data sets

There is a wealth of existing data that you can use as the evidence base for your research. There are several types of data repositories that you can search as well as data registries that you can access to see what existing data is already out there that you can work with.

It's important to critically evaluate the data set that you might like to work with, including 

  • If it is well-curated to a scholarly standard 
  • You can see how the data was collected and compiled
  • It's  limitations for interpretation are clear
  • It's appropriate for you to work with and publish from for your research.
  • The licensing conditions are clear

Here's a link to a check list you can consider to help you evaluate whether the data you've found is suitable.

Data discovery

The following table introduces the different types of data repositories you could access:

Type Link and description
Data Registries

Registry of Research Data Repositories

  • Indexes repositories (1,500 research data repositories)
  • Doesn’t link to data directly

Research Data Australia

  • 105 institutional contributors
  • Australian based
  • Can see data sets directly

Deakin Research Online:


Tools for managing research data at Deakin




Open data Open Government data