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Your Thesis: literature, ethics, methods and publishing

Stay up to date with funding opportunities

It's always good for you to know when funding opportunities come up.

There are a few tools you can use to find funding opportunities. This page will tell you about some, but not all, of them. 

If you are planning to apply for funding, you need to speak to the Deakin Research Grants Office first.




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Research Professional

Research Professional allows you to search for funding opportunities and receive alerts about new opportunities.

You can use Research Professional to:

  • Set up personalised funding opportunities searches
  • Receive weekly updates and alerts on saved searches
  • Share funding opportunities
  • Join workgroups to access shared resources such as broad saved searches & Faculty information
  • Access international news on research policy and practice


Research Professional Help:
Research Professional Video Introductions:

  Quick Start Guide:  get started immediately with this 1 page guide.
  4 Page User Guide:  a 4 page guide providing detailed explanations.


National and international funding opportunities

Deakin University Grants Office advertises funding opportunities, and manages grant applications.

Australian Research Council (ARC) is an Australian Government agency set up to advance research in Australia.  The ARC manages the National Competitive Grants Program.

Australia Council for the Arts: the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body for arts organisations and individual artists across the country.

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) provides research funding for health and medical research.

Philanthropy Australia - How to Seek Funding describes how to seek funding from philanthropic organisations associated with Philanthropy Australia.  It includes a directory of philanthropic organisations that may be approached for research funding.