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Your Thesis: literature, ethics, methods and publishing

Getting started with your literature review

A literature review is a critical part of all research. A literature review involves the comprehensive analysis and review of a literature on a particular topic.

Quick tips:

*For more information on searching for theses, go to our research pages on how to find and access theses.

  • Consult review papers on your topic or field of study. Review articles are excellent for:
    • Identifying key researchers
    • Outlining knowledge gaps, research advances
    • Identifying emerging trends and controversies

*Research databases like Scopus and Web of Science allow you to refine your search to review papers by adding the keywords "review article" or "literature review" or by using the limiters and selecting review under "document type".

  • To expand your literature search, consult the reference lists of relevant theses, review papers, journal articles or books
  • Click on the links below for more information and tips on how to search literature and keep up to date with new research:

Books on literature reviews

Click on the images below to access some suggested books on this topic: