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Your Thesis: literature, ethics, methods and publishing


This page contains useful books, online and video resources for using SPSS, Nvivo and other software tools in your research. Please note that the library does not offer training in either program and does not have the specialist knowledge to assist with specific questions about using either program. Should you require further help, speak with your supervisor about support available within your school. 

Check out through Deakin to see if there's self guided training available for the analytical software or visualisation tools you are interested in using.

Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS

SPSS SPSS is a popular program for performing statistical analysis of quantitative data.  There are many excellent videos on YouTube demonstrating how to run various analyses in SPSS

Some useful YouTube channels for SPSS/statistics are listed below:


Qualitative analysis with NVivo

>NVivo is a software program used to analyse qualitative data. It lets you collect, organise and analyse content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio, social media, YouTube and web pages.

>For more information, check out the Library Resource Guides on NVivo created by the following universities:


Flinders University have also created two clear and instructive PDF guides for using NVivo:

Using NVivo and EndNote for Literature Reviews               NVivo Advanced Workbook

Or have a look at the short videos below: