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Human Resource Management

General HRM resources and guide

Use Keywords - not sentences
Don't type a whole sentence into a database search box - they're not quite the same as Google - you will probably get 0 results! For the best results, break down your assignment topic into different concepts.These concepts will become your keywords, which you can combine using search techniques. Remember to think about synonyms and alternative spellings! e.g human resource management is also known as personnel management or HRM. 

Where to Search?
You have a couple of options.

1. Use Deakin Library's Advanced Search. This search covers 80% of our databases. See advanced search techniques to optimise your search

2. Search individual databases directly. Access databases using A-Z databases or  see suggested databases in the Human Resource Management resource guide

This assignment requires the use of relevant human resource management (HRM) theory, empirical research evidence and other authoritative sources to examine. These usually refer to journal articles that are academic/scholarly/peer reviewed. Unless indicated, it is important that you use primarily academic sources for your university assignments. Always click on Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) or Academic Journals box to filter your search results.

There are also many professional publications related to Human Resource Management - these have a trade focus, and while they are not scholarly journals, they can still be useful and interesting additions to your research.

Find It @ Deakin

You may come across some articles showing the following Find it @ Deakin instead of the PDF full text. This just means that the article is available in another database. Just click on the Find it @ Deakin icon and it will link you to the full text of the article in a different database.

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