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Evidence-Based Practice

Apply and Audit

Apply and Audit
The final steps of Evidence Based Practice are to apply the evidence to your practice, and then audit the impact - how has your decision impacted on your desired outcome?

Applying the evidence

Finding the evidence to assist you with your clinical question is only part of the process. 

It is important to develop techniques to help you to incorporate research into your practice.

Remember that Evidence Based Practice incorporates the research evidence along with your patient's values and beliefs, your practice circumstances, as well as your own clinical expertise.

These are examples of texts which may be of assistance in applying the evidence.

Audit the impact of the evidence on your practice

How do you know that the decisions that you have made are having the desired outcome?

How do you keep up with the copious amount of evidence?

Oxford's Centre for Evidence Based Medicine provides suggestions for Performance Evaluation, including regular reading of an Evidence Based Practice synopsis publication such as ACP Journal Club, Journal of Evidence Based Medicine, or BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine.

If you keep a notebook of your clinical questions to research, you may also wish to set up an alert email or feed for a database such as the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Licensing and Resources Information) or Pubmed (Licensing and Resources Information) to alert you when articles matching your topics of interest are published.

Contact your liaison librarian for assistance with this.