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Company, Industry and Country Information

Country information for Australia

ABS - Australian Bureau of Statistics
The ABS provides statistics on a range of issues e.g. economy, industry and labour. Some specific economic statistical publications are Australian Economic Indicators and Australian System of National Accounts.

Reserve Bank of Australia - Statistics
The Reserve Bank of Australia publishes a wide range of financial and economic statistical information including exchange rates, GDP, import / export, CPI etc.

Australian Government web site
This website allows you to browse by different subject areas e.g. economics, finance, employment and facts and figures.

Basic Country Information

The Business and Law Liaison librarians recommend the following online resources for a general overview of statistical, geographic, political, economic and cultural information of a selected country.

Australia. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
This Australian government web site gives facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of almost 240 countries and economies.  Includes recent economic indicators for previous 5 years

CIA - The World Factbook
Produced by the CIA, the factbook gives an overview of all countries. Government, economic and demographic information provided for each country.

Advanced Country Information

World Bank data
This comprehensive database produced by the World Bank covers over 600 data series over 45 years from over 200 countries. This database allows you to select one or more countries, data series and years. Data can be downloaded into Excel or produced as a chart.

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development)
To find all information on a specific country, Browse By Country or search by type of Statistic.

United Nations Statistical Division
The National Accounts Main Aggregates database provides different GDP figures for over 200 countries from 1970 - 2004. Click on Basic Data Collection to search more than one country, one series of data and more than one year.
To find all information for one country click on Country Profiles.

Asian Development Bank
Contains Country Economic Reviews for selected countries providing current economic information, economic performance and economic trends

IMF (International Monetary Fund) Country Page
The International Monetary Fund publishes country reports providing economic, financial, trade, tourism, education and labour statistics.

World Health Organization
Profiles countries giving information related to mortality and burden of disease, health service coverage, risk factors and health systems.

The statistical section for the European Commission. Areas covered are: Economy and finance, Population and social conditions, Industry, trade and services, Agriculture and fisheries, External trade, Transport, Environment and energy, and Science and technology.

Country reports

The following reports provide country economic analysis:

Business Monitor International – Business forecast reports (via Business Source Complete)
BMI's Business forecast reports provide analysis of the economic, political and financial prospects of individual countries and include: Economic Outlook, Political Outlook, Business Environment and Key Sector Outlook.
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Business Monitor International - Business forecast reports (via ABI Inform)
BMI's Business forecast reports provide analysis of the economic, political and financial prospects of individual countries and include: Economic Outlook, Political Outlook, Business Environment and Key Sector Outlook.
License and Resource Information

Business Monitor International - Country reports (via Factiva)
Business Monitor International's Country reports are updated quarterly and include the following: BMI View, Industry Business Environment Overview, Industry Forecast, Industry Trends and Developments, Market Overview and Competitive Landscape.
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Business Monitor International - Regional monitor reports (via Business Source Complete)
Regional monitor reports provide a source of prime intelligence on the countries in a region and give advanced warning of key changes in the business environment; appraisal of country risk; clear insights into economic and financial trends; and competitive intelligence on company and industry-wide developments and opportunities.
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Economist Intelligence Unit - Country commerce reports (via Factiva)
Country commerce reports outline the business regulations that are unique to each country and show how a specific country's laws work in practice. They also offer a practical business reference to investing, licensing and trading in the global economy.
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Economist Intelligence Unit - Country forecast reports (via ABI Inform)
The EIU’s Country forecast reports offer detailed analysis and ranking of a country's business environment and also contain a long-term economic forecast.
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Economist Intelligence Unit - Country reports (via Business Source Complete)
The EIU’s Country reports cover nearly 200 countries and look at the short- and medium-term economic and political outlook for a country. They also include analysis of recent economic developments.
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Economist Intelligence Unit - Risk briefing reports (via Factiva)
Risk briefing reports provide risk analysis of global investing and operations, including security, the regulatory and tax environments and the impact of infrastructural inadequacies on investment and local operations.
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Marketline country profiles (via Business Source Complete)
Marketline's Country profiles contain data on the current strengths and challenges as well as future prospects and risks facing each profiled country. They include the PESTLE country analysis framework.
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OECD Economic outlook reports (via ABI Inform)
OECD's Economic outlook reports provide twice-yearly analysis of major economic trends and prospects for the coming two years for all OECD member countries and selected non-member countries. They provide projections for output, employment, prices and current balances.
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OECD Economic surveys (via ABI Inform)
An Economic Survey is published every two years for each OECD member country and for some countries that are not OECD members, such as China, Russia and Brazil. The Economic Surveys provide policy analysis relating to labour markets, competition, innovation, human capital, financial markets, sustainable development, social security, taxation, health care and public spending as they relate to macroeconomic performance.
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OECD main economic indicator reports (via ABI Inform)
Main Economic Indicator reports present comparative statistics that provide an overview of recent international economic developments. They are a source of key short-term statistics and are a vehicle for analysis of production, construction, prices, employment, unemployment, wages, finance, foreign trade and balance of payments.
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OECD's national accounts of OECD countries (via ABI Inform)
This annual publication consist of two issues, the first covering main aggregates and the second providing detailed tables. Main Aggregates covers expenditure-based GDP, output-based GDP, income-based GDP, disposable income, saving, net lending, population and employment. It includes  comparative tables based on purchasing power parities and exchange rates. Detailed Tables includes, in addition to main aggregates, final consumption expenditure of households by purpose, simplified accounts for three main sectors: general government, corporations and households. Data are shown for 34 OECD countries and the Euro area.
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OECD quarterly national accounts reports (via ABI Inform)
The OECD's Quarterly National Accounts span the last 5 years and contains a selection of the accounts most widely used by economic analysts. The publication is divided into three parts: international comparisons for gross domestic product (GDP), country tables for GDP by expenditure, gross fixed capital formation by asset, gross fixed capital formation by institutional sector and components of disposable income and zones' aggregates for GDP by expenditure. The data covers 34 OECD countries.
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OECD iLibrary (License and Resource Information) provides:

The complete library of reports and other publications published by the OECD, including Economic survey reports and Economic outlook reports for OECD member countries

Oxford Economics - Country industry forecast reports (via ABI Inform)
Country industry forecast reports provide detailed data, forecasts and graphs, plus summary analysis, for every main manufacturing sector and sub-sector in each country. They cover key developed and developing markets with industry forecasts to 2022.
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Oxford Economics - Country economic forecast reports (via ABI Inform)
Oxford Economics' Country economic forecast reports succinctly examine the latest economic developments, policy changes and long-term forecasts for key economic indicators. They are published on a monthly basis for the top 60 world economies, with updates between two and four times a year for other countries.
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Passport (License and Resource Information) provides:

  • Consumers in 2020 : a look into the future reports which provide an analysis of today's consumers, emerging consumer trends and a description of consumers in 2020 for many countries of the world
  • Consumer lifestyle reports for most countries, covering consumer trends and segmentation related to housing, households, money, savings, eating, drinking, grooming, fashion, health, wellness, shopping habits, leisure, recreation and transport
  • Country briefing : risks and vulnerabilities reports for 85 countries and regions. They cover major components of the economy, socio-political risk, external sector, government finance, financial stability, real estate, energy and environment
  • Country profiles which provide a description of a country's government, economy, business environment, energy, society and statistical summary. The profiles are provided for over 200 countries and regions
  • Country pulse reports which provide a frequently-updated analysis of hot topics in consumer trends and behaviour, for most countries of the world
  • Future demographics reports which cover population shifts, aging, gender, marriage, divorce, births, fertility, life expectancy, death, migration, diversity, urbanisation and cities
  • Monthly economic reviews for emerging market economies, G7 economies and other economy groupings

Journal articles and other publications

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