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Property and Real Estate

MMP322 - Advanced Property Development


The Aim of this guide is to suggest some useful resources to help with your research in MMP322.

This will include some Advanced Searching techniques and will suggest resources that you may find useful.

Searching the library for resources

When searching the library for resources for your assignments, the best place to start is the Library Advanced Search. The Advanced search makes it easy to search using multiple concepts. Have a look at the assignment question - Is there more than 1 key concept? You might need to look for "Property Development" from the perspective of "economic factors". In the advanced search you could set this up like this:

The quotation marks around the terms are a useful search tip to remember! The words AND and OR are also useful in your searching. Here is a useful summary of the search tips:


For an overview on using the Library Advanced Search have a look at this video:

For more help have a look at our Skills for Study page on the Library Website.

Need more sources - look at more databases!

Icon of academic journal


While the advanced search in the library searches about 80% of the library databases, you may also wish to search some databases individually. Good databases to try include:

For other suggested databases, have a look at the Finding Articles page in this research guide.

Sources of Economic and Demographic Data

Icon for SearchFor your assignment, you may be required to locate demographic or economic data. Good sources for data are:

Real Estate Sources

Useful sources of Real Estate reports and data include:

PriceFinder is an online property search application offering a range of tools to assist in generating timely information for all residential, commercial and rural properties. APM Pricefinder provides detailed property information and analytics. Pricefinder is only available to Property and Real Estate students.


Land channel is a government site that provides information from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. It provides property reports, interactive online maps, land and survey spatial information and more.

Aerial photo of villageThe Victorian State Government Planning website is an information source on planning projects in Victoria and the planning process.