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Library Essentials for First Year Medicine Students

This guide introduces some of the resources and services the Library provides for Medicine students.

However, the most important thing to remember is that if you need any assistance contact us.
We're here to help you access the information resources you need to succeed in your studies.

Medicine-Specific Library Resources

This list highlights some of the medicine-specific resources the Library provides to support your study.

Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a decision-making method which combines:

  • evidence from the research literature
  • a patient or population's values and beliefs
  • the context for practice
  • practitioners' own experience and expertise

Fundamentally, EBP is an approach to practice intended to guide clinical decision making. As such, there's a process to follow!

Another name for the process of evidence-based practice is "the Five A's". This diagram, based on information from "Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Professions", illustrates the Five A's process. Click on each of the five steps in the process to learn more about each:

Look Again: Access the Information

Step two above, 'Access the information', is an important part of uncovering the research foundation for the clinical decisions you make.

Skills at accessing information can be developed at many levels, and your first year is the best time to start. Read on to understand some foundational library information access tips. In many cases, the principles they rely on can be applied to other information searching situations.

Foundational Library Knowledge

Library Skills for Study

Kick-start your first year by getting a rapid understanding of some of the important principles outlined on the Library's Skills for Study page.

In particular, you'll want to understand some acronyms, words and phrases used in the academic and library context, some of which are particular to Deakin. Knowing these definitions will smooth your study journey considerably.

Tips for Finding the Evidence

The following videos offer support for developing solid skills in evidence finding, a vital aspect of evidence-based practice.

Firstly, searching through the Library collection requires a little more specificity than a standard web search. The below video outlines a fundamental: the appropriate use of Boolean operators for directing the search the way you want it to go.

This next video highlights additional searching techniques for finding relevant literature.

Postgraduate Library Modules

Returning to study after a break? Have a look at these literature searching modules to revise foundational literature searching techniques:

Item Requests

No library collection holds everything. This means there may be times where you can’t get what you need from Deakin Library.
If that happens to you, get in touch with us via the item request form and we’ll attempt to obtain a copy for you.

Managing Your References

Finally, you may like to investigate using EndNote, Mendeley or similar reference management software to help organise the results of your literature search. These programs also help when it comes time to cite others' research in your own work.

Study Support

At Deakin, Study Support are the people to see when it comes to assistance with academic skills.

This includes referencing, writing, mathematics, assignment writing and study skills. Personalised support is available from the Writing or Maths Mentors, or Language and Learning Advisors.

Visit Study Support to learn about the help available to you when you need it, no matter what you're studying.

Getting to Know Waurn Ponds

The time you spend on campus will mostly be at Waurn Ponds.
Get to know the campus library via this virtual tour:

Features of the Waurn Ponds campus library:

  • Computer lab at front of level two (entrance level)
  • Health and medicine collection on level three
  • Self-checkout machines for borrowing physical items
  • Quiet study areas on level on and level three
  • Bookable study spaces including solo study desks and group study rooms

See what else is on campus at Waurn Ponds by taking a virtual tour via this video produced for Deakin’s 2020 Open Day:

There’s much more to learn as you journey through your course but working through the above will set you on the right path. If you ever get stuck or aren’t sure how to find what you need, contact the Library and we’ll help you out.

Good luck with your studies!