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Sources to find journal articles

These databases contain large collections of journal articles, reports, studies, conference papers, news articles and editorials specific to Psychology studies.

In addition to the general psychology databases, the below resources are very good for Clinical Psychology specific topics.

In addition to the general psychology databases, the below resources are very good for Organisational specific topics.

Students looking for a wider range of resources for their research may find these links useful. In particular Embase, Scopus and Web of Science should always be included in a comprehensive of systematic review of the literature.

Embase   VIDEO

Web of Science    VIDEO

Scopus   VIDEO

Grey Literature
Searching Grey Literature resources is a key step in conducting a systematic literature review. The Library provides a comprehensive guide to grey literature including definition, types and sources in the Grey Literature Library Research Guide.

The following are sources of Grey Literature specific to Psychology:

Systematic Review Collections
These are collections of systematic reviews focused on Health.

PubMed includes over 15 million citations for biomedical articles dating back to 1949. These citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. Search for systematic reviews, or search for evidence using the Clinical Queries filters for therapy, diagnosis, aetiology or prognosis.

Psychology Collections
These databases tend to be smaller or more specific collections, you may have a specialty area or particular journals which are only available on these platforms.

Search Planner

screenshot of the search plannerBefore you start researching for an assignment it is a good idea to plan out your search strategy. Use this downloadable search planner to get started.

We also have a Search in Health guide that walks you through the steps from assessment topic to choosing databases to downloading the articles an references.

Licensing information: Please read what you can and can't do with each resource in the A-Z Databases under 'License Information'. Queries can be sent to the Publisher Licensing Consultant.