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Image collections

Images can be a useful way of illustrating teaching and learning activities - after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Deakin provides access to image databases which are copyright cleared for educational purposes. Check the copyright and licensing conditions before re-use, and fully reference images you use in your assignments.

For more information about images go to the Image Resources help page.


Gault A. Surgeon.  F002/5551.  Science Photo Library.  [Internet].  London: Science Photo Library; n.d. [cited 2013 January 7] Available from:
Interactive anatomy and pathology 3D resource. Includes 3D animations showing function, biomechanics, and surgical procedures. Also MRI images, clinical slides, radiology slides, X-rays, dissection slides and videos. Images are cleared for educational use (with appropriate acknowledgement). Licencing and Resource Information. Use of images.

Anatomy and Physiology Online
Interactive anatomy and physiology resource, from the publishers of  Licencing and Resource Information.

CSIRO ScienceImage
ScienceImage is a free image library specialising in science and nature images. It is presented by CSIRO, Australia's major science research organisation. These images are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution license. License and access information.

Science Photo Library
Science Photo Library is a collection of images and videos which can be used for educational purposes in lectures, exercises, exams and guides, with acknowledgement. Licensing and Resource Information Terms and Conditions

Key online video resources

Streaming video allows for Deakin staff and students to view video online.  These can include films, documentaries and instructional videos.  Selected examples for Health are listed below. 

Kanopy - films and documentaries in health.

Informit EduTV - Australian free to air documentaries.

Clickview - streaming videos in public and community health as well as other areas.

For further information, see the Streaming Video Library Guide.

Key online multimedia resources

Many web search engines allow an image or video specific search, however beware that online material often loses copyright information.  It is best to use resources which have clear Creative Commons licences or Terms of Use which enable Deakin to use the material.  Never link to or embed material which is clearly in breach of copyright.

Don't use commercial products unless Deakin has a subscription, or you are able to purchase the rights to the resource.

Flickr is a photo sharing website. There are countless topics available. Check the copyright conditions of each image. Terms of Use. Copyright/IP policy..

Gnuckx. Brucoli Sicilia Italy - Creative Commons. 2010. [Cited 2012 December 4]. Available from: Used under Creative Commons attribution licence 2.0

Youtube is a video sharing website. Many institutions have their own 'Youtube channel,' including Deakin. See YouTube Terms and YouTube Copyright.

Penguin Books. The Penguin English Library animation. [Internet]. San Bruno: YouTube. n.d. [cited 2020 December 4]. Available from: Embedded under part 6C of the YouTube Terms of Use.

News sources