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Key Resources

Global Health - public health database.


Medline Complete - excellent for all areas of health.


Informit Health subset - series of databases that cover Australian information.


E-Book Collections

The library subscribes to many different e-book collections from scholarly sources, including University Presses and other top publishers.




Many disciplines have specialist dictionaries and encyclopedias - reference material which can provide you with a short, definitive explanation of main concepts and vocabulary in your area. These are really handy to help you to understand more complex material. Deakin has a range of reference material available online. These are a sample:

The Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health

Encyclopedia of Health & Aging

Encyclopaedia of Immigrant Health

International Encyclopedia of Public Health



Concise Medical Dictionary (2015, 9th ed, Oxford Reference Online)

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Stat!Ref) Enter title in Search :-

Stedman's Medical Dictionary  2016 (Stat!Ref)


Background information can help increase your understanding of your topic. There are also numerous background textbooks and e-books available via a Deakin Library Search.