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Beyond Deakin: Supporting you into the future

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Learn how to find information that will inform your evidenced-based practice once you leave academic life and enter the workforce.

Image: Graduating student iconAlumni pathway to resources

Once you graduate, you don't need to completely say goodbye. It's free to become a Deakin Alumni and the range of perks include Library privileges.  

You will retain borrowing access to Deakin Library collections, plus you can shape your evidence-based work practice with a select range of electronic resources. Check out the full listing of Alumni Library resources. Please note that after joining the Deakin Alumni Community you will need to take the additional step of applying for an Alumni Library membership to have access to these Library resources.

Free professional development opportunities are also offered to Alumni. This Webinar and Resources page includes a health specific section but you may want to think more broadly. For example, a Business webinar focused on ethical leadership may be ideally suited to your current workplace role. 


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Consider your State and National Library resourcesImage: Library pictograph

A fantastic and easy thing to do is join up to your particular State or National Library. With this kind of library membership you can find a varied range of health focused eResources or other collection items. Did we mention it's free?

Below is an example list of Australian library links. If you are working in another country, do some research into the library resources in your area. 

Image: Book pictographPublic Libraries are another pathway to resources

Joining up to your local public library is also a good idea. They often have resources that can be helpful to you in your work practice. Depending on the library, you may be able to access training courses, search health or human services databases, or organise Inter-library loans. 

Below is a list of public libraries near each Deakin campus but this interactive map shows local libraries across Australia or you can search this Find a Library page. If you live outside Australia after graduation there should be equivalent information for your country available on the web. 

Image: Open access symbolOpen access resources for health

There is a wealth of freely available and easily accessed information out there. In fact there is an Open Access movement that is dedicated to free, immediate, online availability of research articles that are compliant with copyright laws. 

Below are some significant links to Open Access material that you may find useful. However, check out Deakin Library's great Free and Open Access guide that covers a more extensive range of freely available resources to support health and human Services professionals.