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Advanced Search Health

Run-Refine your search

run icon Now you're ready to run the search.

revise / refine icon Check the results, you may need to refine it as you have found some other search terms.

run icon Run the search again.

You may need to do this run / refine a few times before you are satisfied you have covered all of the search terms, there are no spelling mistakes, nothing has been missed, you have TI OR AB terms as well as subject terms and you are retrieving your key articles (gold set papers).

 Run your search


Search history and search example

  • Example search
    This is an example of a search method and the line by line search for MEDLINE and EMBASE giving you an example to compare your work against.
  • Search History Video
    View this video to see a demonstration on how to use the search history option to construct your search.

 Do you need to run the search again?

From going through the Refine the search steps you may have identified new search terms which means you need to Run the search again.

If your search is finished, you're ready to document it!

There is no such thing as the 'perfect' search!

  • You must find a balance between the amount of time you're spending versus the improvement of the search results.
  • At some point you will reach diminishing returns, where the benefits gained are less than the time and effort invested.
  • You only have so many resources to put into this project and must at some point move on to the next steps - screening, then appraising.

So congratulations! You are now ready to move on to documenting your search!