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Covid-19: Finding reliable information

Advice for finding reliable information on Covid-19 (disease) and SARS-CoV-2 (virus causing Covid-19)

Collated, freely available information on Covid-19

Since Covid-19 has spread across the globe, many publishers have made Covid-19 resources freely available to anyone in the world.  This is an important step in allowing scientists and health professionals to gain an understanding of the virus and how we might respond to it, and allows everyone to build upon existing research about the disease and its virus.

It also allows the general public access to research that otherwise would require payment, and may go someway to stemming misinformation spread about the disease through both traditional and social media.

Follow the links below to explore a range of scholarly and collated information about Covid-19.  Please note that this list will change along with available information. 



Openly accessible research articles and issues